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Fire Entertainment
A Luxury Addition to your Event

A male fire spinner with a fire staff dances with a female fire performer with fire fans.

Fire appeals to the Primal Side of Humankind

When fire dancers mix the illusion of danger with beautiful control of the flame, it thrills deep to the core in a way that is best experienced live and up close.

Over 30 years of


We have the know-how you need.

A male fire spinner uses nunchucks to light the female fire dancer's hula hoop.

Poi ♦ Contact Staff ♦ Fans ♦ Hula Hoop ♦ Nun-chucks ♦ Fire Breathing ♦ Dragonstaff ♦ Double Staves ♦ Fire Snakes ♦  Swords


The handsome and mischievous Cyricx, along with exotic and enchanting Viollca, entertain your audience with their playful banter, and dazzle you with their mastery of the flame. 

Our fire show can be highly interactive (verbally) with the audience, guaranteed to get your audience revved up, laughing, and clapping along.


We can also perform a dramatic theatrical spectacle of dancing flames and daring stunts to add ambient entertainment to your event.

Typical Gig Duration

Stage fire shows can range from a single 3 minute piece to 1 hour of non-stop fire.

We find 15-45 minutes to be an ideal length for a feature fire show.

Ambient fire performance can last for several hours, usually on/off as 15-minutes performance, 15-minutes break. 

Number of Performers

We most commonly perform as a duo, with a mixture of solo and duo choreography. 

If you are interested in an even larger show, we can bring in a third Tricks of the Light performer, and add in three person choreography.

To put on an extra luxurious large production spectacle, we have affiliates with a proven safety record that we can bring in for your event.

Props and Skills

The length of show will determine how many different props are utilized. The audience at a typical 30 minute show will see props such as hula hoop, poi, contact staff, nunchucks, and fire breathing.


Tricks of the Light is based out of the Greater Kansas City Area. Travel up to 25 miles is included. We are happy to travel when possible. Travel and accommodation costs are additional.

Stage Requirements

Outdoors: No low hanging branches or other objects directly overhead. Minimum of 15x20 ft clear, relatively flat performance area.

Indoors: Well ventilated room with high ceilings and large open stage. Indoor performance may incur additional fees depending on local codes, permits, and other requirements.

Performance Costs

Our quotes include the costumed Performer(s) arriving 30-60 minutes before the scheduled performance time to set up and fuel up. One fire safety technician is included in cost. All fuel used in the show is included in the cost. 25 miles of travel to the venue is included. Additional travel, permits, licenses, or other fees required by the venue/city/organizer are NOT included in our standard cost. 

Solo Performer Shows begin at $600 minimum.

Duo Performer Shows begin at $1000 minimum.

Trio Performer Shows begin at $1500 minimum.

Make Your Event Memorable

Three fire circus spinners perform with fire staves, surrounded by a cheering crowd.



Halloween Entertainment

From kid-friendly to spooky, fire entertainment can add to all sorts of Halloween events. Creepy Carnival, Haunted Pirate Ship, and Simply Spooky are just some of the possibilities!


Circus & Carnival Entertainment

Vintage Circus, Carnival, Sideshow Entertainment. 


Corporate Events, Weddings, Parties

High-Style, High-Octane, High-Class entertainment for your event.

Tricks of the Light Tropical Media-5.jpg

Tropical Themed Events

Add a warm ambience of summer nights on the beach to your event.

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