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About Us

We are Kansas City based fire, circus, and flow arts entertainers.

Featuring the talents of Cyricx, the martial arts master, and Viollca, the graceful dancer, Tricks of the Light’s mastery of exciting circus and flow arts props thrill audiences young and mature alike.

Tricks of the Light does more than put on a performance – they create a memory.

Their interactive style of stage show has been developed from years of busking. By mixing fun antics and playful banter with excitement, drama, and dance, they elevate fire spinning as a performance style.

Our Story

 At its heart, Tricks of the Light is comprised of the duo Cyricx and Viollca. We share a passion for the stage, and yes, for each other. We are married! Running a business as a married couple is always an adventure, but when you add the excitement of throwing flames around each other's heads it certainly ups the stakes! Fire spinning is actually how we first met and got to know each other, so it is truly special to our lives.

In our show, we joke about requiring trust. The reality is so much of what we do onstage requires not only trust but synchronicity, communication, and a care for each other. We've been spinning fire together since 2008 and part of what makes our show special is that our depth of history and our joy in working together shines through our performance. 


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Chat with the Performers

Cyricx and Viollca spin fire poi and fire nunchucks with the drummers of the Sonic Sidhe Tribe at the 2008 Kansas City Renaissance Festival.
How did you meet?

We met through fire performance!  Viollca was spinning fire with the Sonic Sidhe Tribe at an event, and the Tribe brought Cyricx in for a guest fire spin with his nunchucks. We began spinning together more after that, until Cyricx joined the Sidhe Tribe and we debuted as a fire duo at the 2008 Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

When did you begin performing as Tricks of the Light?

Our first ventures out as Tricks of the light began in 2010, when we started busking at First Fridays in downtown Kansas City. Our first big show as Tricks of the Light was at the 2011 Lawrence Busker Festival.

How did you get started spinning fire?

Viollca: I come from a background of dance, so performing was already second nature to me. I had learned contact juggling, and brought my crystal spheres with me to the Rennaissance Festival. I heard the Sidhe Tribe's drums and felt drawn to them, and they let me on stage with them to contact juggle for a song. They asked me to come back and perform with them that season, and then asked me to learn to spin fire to dance for them. 

Cyricx: I learned nunchucks through Ryūkyū Kempo when I was 13, so I come from a martial arts background. When I got older I was around a community of people where I saw fire spinning, and realized I could transition my nunchuck skills to fire. 

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