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Dancing Lights Entertainment
A Luxury Addition to your Event

Viollca spins glowing led fans leaving colorful trails and designs.

Flow Arts

Colorful, mesmerizing, beautiful...our Dancing Lights Show is designed to be a feast for the eyes!

Viollca dances with colorful glowing LED fans.

Poi ♦ Contact Staff ♦ Fans ♦ Hula Hoop ♦ Nun-chucks
Isis Wings ♦ Double Staves ♦ Fiberflies ♦ 8-Rings ♦
Contact Juggling ♦ Silk Fan Dance


Unlike our interactive and comedic busker style acts, this is a completely presentation based show. Sit back and be entranced by a mix of scintillating, strobing LED props, eye-catching dance based flow art acts, and beautiful illusion skills. 

"Dancing Lights" can be presented as a stage show or as ambient entertainment. 

Please note: various LED props do use strobe-like effects and flashing lights. 

Typical Gig Duration

Stage Show Performances can range from a single 3 minute piece to a 30-minute feature Dancing Lights show.

Ambient Dancing Lights performance can last for several hours, usually on/off as 15-minutes performance, 15-minutes break. 

Number of Performers

We most commonly perform as a duo, with a mixture of solo and duo choreography. 

If you are interested in an even larger show, we can bring in a third Tricks of the Light performer, and add in three person choreography. 

For ambient performance or a shorter stage show, we can also perform as a solo entertainer.

Props and Skills

The length of show will determine how many different props are utilized. The audience at a typical 30 minute show will see props such as hula hoop, poi, contact juggling, silk fan dance, contact staff, nunchucks, and fiberflies.


Tricks of the Light is based out of the Greater Kansas City Area. Travel up to 50 miles is included. We are happy to travel when possible. Travel and accommodation costs are additional.

Stage Requirements

Outdoors: No low hanging branches or other objects directly overhead. Minimum of 10x10 ft clear, relatively flat performance area. LED equipment cannot be outside in any precipitation.

Indoors: We can make an indoor Dancing Lights show happen in most any space, but we do need about a 10x10ft area blocked off for safety purposes, since we are swinging props around.

Make your event magical
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