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The Hottest Show in the Land
Oh yeah, and we have fire, too!

A high-energy fire and comedy entertainment show, we dance with flames, mystify with dance and illusion arts, and have Mortal Kombat battles with fire. We have a lot of laughs, too. 

Where other shows use a touch of fire as a finale, we make it our specialty!

Draw a Crowd

The handsome and mischievous Cyricx, along with exotic and enchanting Viollca, entertain your audience with their playful banter, and dazzle you with their mastery of the flame. 

Our busker show is highly interactive (verbally) with the audience, guaranteed to get your audience revved up, laughing, and cheering along.


Poi ♦ Contact Staff ♦ Fans ♦ Hula Hoop ♦ Nun-chucks ♦ Fire Breathing ♦ Dragonstaff ♦ Double Staves ♦ Fire Snakes ♦  Swords


Typical Gig Duration

For Renaissance and Busking shows, we need at least 30 minute slots, with 45-minute slots preferred. Up to 5 full-length shows a day. Contact us to talk about adding a special end-of-the-day fire send-off!



We aim our shows to be family friendly, but we do mix in cloaked non-offensive adult humor. 

Props and Skills

With our long history as performers, we have built up a repertoire of skills and choreography that allows us to make every show a little different. The length of show will determine how many different props are utilized. The audience at a typical busking show might see props such as hula hoop, poi, and fire breathing. If they come back to the next show, they might instead see fire snakes, the dragonstaff, rope dart, and contact staff. 

Our Renaissance show has been developed for over a decade, and comes with our trademark Damsel-in-Distress, Knight in Shining Armor, and Dragon fire breathing skit!


Tricks of the Light is based out of the Greater Kansas City Area. Travel up to 50 miles is included. We are happy to travel when possible. Travel and accommodation costs are additional.

Stage Requirements

No low hanging branches or other objects directly overhead. Minimum of 15x20 ft clear, relatively flat performance area.

For Renaissance Faire shows, we MUST have a connected "backstage" area accessible, even if it is makeshift, in order for us to fuel up our props and safely put away hot/sooty props. 

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