Tricks of the Light

More than just a show...we create a memory.

Kansas City Renaissance Festival 2007

Cory Hinesly

Kansas City Renaissance Festival 2008
Another Time Another Place Fire Thesis Show
Tricks of the Light Lawrence Busker Festival
Kansas City Renaissance Festival 2012

Ed Harrison

Kansas City Renaissance Festival 2013

Russ Matthews

About Us


Viollca began performing with the Sonic Sidhe Tribe at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival in 2007. Cyricx and Viollca met at one of the Sonic Sidhe Tribe's performances, when Viollca needed a relief fire performer, and Cyricx's nunchucks were up to the task. The Tribe quickly took Cyricx on, and they both performed with the Tribe for 3 more years.

Cyricx and Viollca began the side project “Duile Teine” (The Dancing Flames) in 2009. After about a year of performing under this name, it was clear that the duo was growing and expanding out of the confines of a fire-only moniker. 

In 2010, Duile Teine became “Tricks of the Light” to better encompass the variety of performance styles beyond fire that they could do, including Glow (LED) and illusion (contact juggling, buugeng, flow wand, 8-Rings). In 2011, things really took off for the duo, with performances at Lee’s Summit Downtown Days, the Lawrence Busker Festival, and the Macabre Masquerade Ball. It was also the duo's last year with the Tribe.

In 2012, Tricks of the Light took the stage at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival with the debut of their own show, and were tremendously well received, winning "Best New Stage Show" their first year.

The duo grew into a trio in 2013, when Zuri joined the group. Zuri stayed with the group for 3 seasons, before parting ways. During this time, the trio won "Best Stage Show" in 2013 and 2015.

2016 saw the addition of a new performer, Zephyre, and the movement of Cotel from drummer to fire performer, as the group grew to a four-person show, though the focus remains on Cyricx and Viollca as the core. We won "Best Stage Show" this year as well.

2017 was a shakeup year for the group, as Viollca had to be out for the majority of the year due to being pregnant. You might have seen Viollca's substitute Rosemary during this time! The baby was born just before the second weekend of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, and Viollca was back to joining the stage for at least a few spins here or there within a month!


Cyricx Portrait

Cyricx - the martial arts man who loves a good laugh! You'll find Cyricx at the center of the fun, or standing up for the underdog.

Cyricx has been spinning nunchucks for over 20 years, and fire nunchucks since 2008. His background in martial arts is the main influence for his spinning style. Many fire spinning tools are based on ancient weapons, and so rope dart, staff, and sword were natural additions to Cyricx’s repertoire. Over the last several years he has also eagerly pursued the study of fire poi and fire breathing, and has picked up the “Dragon-staff” and “Puppy-Hammer.”


Viollca Portrait

Viollca - the sensual seductress with a penchant for mischief.  She'll lure you in with a smile then knock you back with her quick wit!

Viollca combines strength and grace in a fluid dance with the fire. Hints of tribal fusion bellydance add a sensual undertone to her movements. Viollca has had a passion for dance and beautiful movement all her life, and she explored this passion through ballet, tap, jazz, modern, Irish tap dance, and tribal fusion bellydance. She discovered contact juggling in 2004 at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, and began performing contact juggling as part of the Sonic Sidhe Tribe at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival in 2007. Viollca learned to spin fire poi for performances with the Tribe, and has since expanded her skills to fans, hooping, nunchucks, swords, dragonstaff, contact staff, double staves, 8-rings, and flow wand.


Cotel portrait

Cotel - the mystery man with a beard! Skilled with a sword, refined of speech, and elegant in posture, it's easy to suspect that there is more to his past than he is telling! 

Cotel joined Tricks of the Light in 2014 as a drummer. Through observation, perseverence, and hard work, he picked up the flow arts skills essential to the group. In 2016, he joined Cyricx and Viollca as a main element of the stage, performing with fire contact staff and fire sword. Skilled in swordplay, he is particularly fond of the martial arts based flow arts, and of contact staff. He's also fond of his beard.


Zephyre Portrait

Zephyre - the youthful flirt, for whom the world is all opportunity! Open and affectionate, he'd love the challenge of wooing you!

Zephyre first made a guest appearance with Tricks of the Light in 2011, then joined the group as a main element of the stage in 2016. His primary flow arts love is Poi and its variations, including Fire Snakes. He's not afraid of it getting a little toasty!